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When I was still in kindergarten, I already loved everything that was broadcasted on television. As soon I was old enough to go to the cinema my mom and dad took me to Herbie. I loved the movies since I was young, and I think I will always have a love for movies, stories and cinematography. Movies inspire me, not only to make art, write stories or shoot photography but also to really do something, to get me out of my chair and do something amazing. The movies have inspired me in the past and will inspire me in the future until I ain’t capable anymore of perceiving them. For you, here, a list of the most beautiful/awful/strange (yes I think they will all be really unique in some way) movies. So when you got nothing to do this evening, sit down and be inspired.

For the people who know me personally: this is a list of Joelfilms. 🙂

Note: in this list, I want to include only movies that are very unique and special on its own. Most movies will be quite unknown and some may have failed at their Box Office. That doesn’t mean these movies are bad. It means they are in search of a special audience to watch them. In some cases, an audience which isn’t born yet when the movie releases. In other cases, the audience remains of a special kind of human beings. I will mention what the movie is all about with each title and the genre, so you can choose for yourself what you’ll like and what movie wasn’t made for you.

1. 2001: A Space Odyssey (sci-fi)

This movie is the best science-fiction movie ever made. Period.

The thing with this movie is that not everyone will like it. The movie has a great plot, magnificent visual effects and stunning classical music which makes this movie more art than a movie. The only problem with the movie? Every scene has a duration too long for people from the 21 Century (with our short attention spans). Besides, as the plot is amazing and maybe the best philosophical plot in the world, not everyone will get it. It really is like art: you have to figure out the plot of the movie by combining everything you saw before. The hard part comes when you realise that everything you saw before was a 12-minute visual trip through space. So, when you would love to watch an artsy sci-fi movie with a plot about the evolution of humanity made by my favourite director Stanley Kubrick, go watch it! When you think you haven’t got any more attention span then ten seconds for a shot and you don’t like artsy vague things, then this movie isn’t for you.

Why it’s a Joelfilm?: It’s strange, artsy, profound, visually stunning and directed by Kubrick. 

2. Midnight In Paris (romantic comedy)

This movie is about a guy played by Owen Wilson who goes out at night in Paris and suddenly finds himself in the roaring ’20s. The script, written by Woody Allen, is honestly one of the best stories that exist for a movie. I watched this movie when I was in my romantic-comedy phase (don’t judge me, every 14-year-old boy has one) and this movie stuck with me. This is my absolute favourite romantic movie ever made. It really introduced me to certain thoughts about happiness, history and love, values I will never forget. Maybe this movie even got me into studying history.

Why it’s a Joelfilm?: It’s about history, Paris, love and rain with an amazing story. 

3. The Big Lebowski (crime-comedy)

See my last post about Dudeism for the explanation why I love this movie. As the best comedy movie ever made, this movie made me laugh so hard at certain points. The character of the dude is honestly amazing. I mean, his character inspired a religion, dude!

Why it’s a Joelfilm?: It’s about the dude, man. I love the dude. The Dude Abides. 

4. A Clockwork Orange (crime-drama)

I couldn’t resist including my second favourite movie from Kubrick: A Clockwork Orange. This movie is the filming of the book A Clockwork Orange. Set in the near future of the 1970s, the story about a young criminal (he may be the best antihero that exists) eventually gets the audience to questions their own beliefs about right and wrong. The movie is visually stunning, and the story will stick inside your head your whole life.

Why it’s a Joelfilm?: The very profound story, visually stunning, psychedelic-futuristic, weird language, amazing bad guys and Kubrick. 

5. Memento (mystery-thriller)

This is the best thought-out movie ever made! I think it really means something if you can say that about a movie. The storyline of this movie goes in fragments from two stories which will explode in an amazing combination of the two at the end. One storyline goes chronologically and the other one goes from present to past. One is black and white, one has amazing 2000s cinematography. I love how Nolan played with time and chronological aspect of the film.

Why it’s a Joelfilm?: Nolan, really hard to follow but amazing story. Oh, and black and white is cool. 

6. Brazil (sci-fi-drama-satire)

This movie. Oh, I love it so much. Unlike most movies on this list, I watched Brazil only once quite recently. Brazil is a movie about a guy who lives ‘somewhere in the Twentieth Century’, who tries to solve a mistake that was made by the state technology. This movie which takes place in a rather retro-futuristic apocalyptic world is funny, satiric, full of social criticism, sarcasm and is visually stunning. Please watch the Director’s Cut, which is a way (way, way, way, way) better than the cinematic version. Enjoy this piece of art!

Why it’s a Joelfilm?: It’s weird, it’s funny, it’s artsy, it’s satiric, it takes place in an apocalyptic retro-futuristic world, it’s dream-like and it doesn’t have a real plot although it kinda does have something like a plot and an amazing ending. 

7. Fight Club (action-drama)

Rule no.1: You do not talk about fight club.

Rule no.2: You do NOT talk about fight club!

So, I’m sorry. Rules are rules.

Why it’s a Joelfilm?: I think it’s my dark side, just like it’s the narrator’s dark side. This movie is filled with great quotes (It’s only after you lose everything that you are free to do anything), great acting, darkness, sarcasm and a plot as strong as a skyscraper. 

8. A.I. Artificial Intelligence (sci-fi)

I didn’t want to include more than two Kubrick movies, but it’s so hard. This movie, directed by Steven Spielberg who took over the direction of Kubrick who died before he could start to make this movie, is amazing. It’s a story about a little robot kid who deals with emotions. That sounds pretty cliché, doesn’t it? That will all change when you see ‘living’ robots being destroyed for human pleasure and when you meet Gigolo Joe. This is a movie worth watching.

Why it’s a Joelfilm?: Spielberg, Kubrick, Sci-fi, dark and weird, Artsy, futuristic, emotional,-They integrated a fairy tale in it just go watch it!

9. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (drama-romance-sci-fi)

This movie is kinda weird. And with that I mean, it is very unique. This movie with Jim Carrey (who plays Joel (how amazing!)) and Kate Winslet is about love, the mind and destroying memories about love. Literally, the movie is a dark movie about someone who is weird enough to choose to let someone destroy his own memories. It’s the best brake-up story out there, full of weird stuff, laughs and tears.

Why it’s a Joelfilm?: the freaking main character is named Joel!it’s about memories, love, Jim Carrey, Kate Winsley, human struggle and it’s artsy. 

10. Pleasantville (fantasy-comedy)

This is a wonderful comedy, drama, fantasy movie which takes place for the most time inside a television programme called Pleasantville. Although the movies seem to start like a to-go end 90s teenage movie, it evolves into one of the most fantastic plots I’ve ever seen. The contrast between black and white and colour get’s a whole new meaning after watching this movie.

Why it’s a Joelfilm?: It is black and white, but not the whole time. The The 50s vibe is amazing. The plot is about love, time, isolation and friendship and it’s kinda weird but still beautiful. 

I hope you could find a movie you’ll like just as much as I do! Please let me know in the comments what you think. 🙂

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